Online Mafia Rule book

Game Overview

There is a narrator that will guide the game. Everyone else will be randomly split into 2 teams: the Mafia and the Townspeople. The Mafia All know each other and want to pretend to be townspeople while killing of the townspeople one by one. The Townspeople want to discover who among them are part of the Mafia.


  • WhatsApp Group Chat


The moderator randomly distributes the characters (listed below). There are 2 stages, day and night, which keep alternating until everyone from one of the side dies. The game starts in the day phase, in order to avoid having some character die before they have an opportunity to play.

  • Night: Each of the characters practice the role they were assigned. The essential role that can never be missed is the one performed by the mafia: They choose a townsperson to kill. During this phase the WhatsApp Group will have messages disabled.
  • Day: The narrator announces all the events that happened during the night. After that, messages are enabled and the townspeople start debating in the chat about who they think the mafia are or are not, based on everything that happened during nighttime. As people debate each selects the person they want to see lynched, and once someone gets a majority they are selected to be lynched. The narrator announces the character they were assigned, and we move to the night. When someone dies they are removed from the chat to keep it clear who is still playing, and to avoid comments from the departed :P


  • MAFIA: You are Mafia. Do not ask questions about your role in the group, only to me directly. Every night you and your mates will select someone to kill. That person dies unless the doctor chose to save that person.
  • GODFATHER: You are the godfather. Do not ask questions about your role in the group, only to me directly. Every night you and your mates will select someone to kill. That person dies unless the doctor chose to save that person. If you don’t decide together on who to kill, you have the final vote. If the cop investigates you during the night, he sees you as a normal victim.
  • RECRUITER: You are the recruiter, playing for the mafia. Do not ask questions about your role in the group, only to me directly. Once in the game you can propose another player to be recruited with a personalized text. That player can either chose to join you and the mafia, or reject the offer. They will not know who you are.
  • LURKER: You are the lurker, and play for the mafia. Do not ask questions about your role in the group, only to me directly. Every night you can lurk around someone’s home, and you will know everything that happened with them.
  • DETECTIVE: You are the detective. Do not ask questions about your role in the group, only to me directly. Every night you can choose a person to investigate, and i will tell you if that person is mafia or not. The godfather appears as a normal person.
  • DOCTOR: You are the doctor. Do not ask questions about your role in the group, only to me directly. Every night you choose someone to save. If that is the person the mafia chose to kill, that person does not die.
  • PROSTITUTE: You are the prostitute. Do not ask questions about your role in the group, only to me directly. Every night you chose someone to spend the night with. Any special powers that person might have used don’t take effect.
  • DRUNK: You are the town drunk. Do not ask questions about your role in the group, only to me directly. Every night you chose someone to drink with. That person knows they got drunk, and any special powers they had are not used. Neither of you remember the previous night.
  • BAKER: You are the best character anyone could be, the baker! Do not ask questions about your role in the group, only to me directly. Every night you chose a person and send them a cake, with any description your sick little head can think of. Game cues, plain insults, everything is welcomed :D I hope it wasn’t too obvious that I love this character. The cake you send will be seen by the entire town.
  • AGORAPHOBE: You are the agoraphobe. Do not ask questions about your role in the group, only to me directly. Due to your fear of the mafia, every day you can choose to hide in someone else’s home. If so, actions target at you will not take effect, but whathever happens to the person you are with will happen to you too.
  • TOWNSPEOPLE: You are a towns person. Do not ask questions about your role in the group, only to me directly. Even though you have no special powers at night, your role is to find the mafia: Interpret everything that happened during the day to figure out who is telling the truth and who is manipulating the game.

Practical notes

  • Couples in the group. Do not reveal your character to each other. That kind of ruins the game.
  • Votes must be written in this chat with two equal signes, such as : “== I Miguel vote to lynch “, and nowhere else. This is done in order to make vote counting easier (i.e. I can just search for “==” to count the votes). Messages without == do not count as votes.
  • People who haven’t voted yet count as having voted in themselves.
  • Votes cannot be removed, only changed to another person. (i.e. I can’t say I take may vote away from person X, but I can say that I vote now for person Y, in fact removing my previous vote).
  • I will be counting the votes. If there is a majority that person gets killed and the role is revealed.
  • The first person to vote is a personal hero of mine for kick starting the votes.
  • If after 2 days there is no majority, I will lock the possible lynchees to those who already have votes from others. After that every day I will be removing the least voted person until one is left.
  • Don’t worry about knowing all the game rules, just vote and see how it flows :P
  • If you want to ask questions about your role or anything that might reveal your character, ask the question to me personally. I will post the answer in the group chat for everyone to read.

Mafia 2.0 (Ongoing)

We are currently in the day phase. Since there are 20 players, we need 11 votes on the same person for that person to die.

Original Roles

  • 1 Godfather (Mafia)
  • 1 Lurker (Mafia)
  • 1 Recruiter (Mafia)
  • 2 Normal Mafia
  • 1 Detective
  • 1 Doctor
  • 1 Drunk
  • 2 Bakers
  • 1 Agoraphobe
  • 8 Townspeople

Players (15 alive)

Players with their role in parenthesis are dead.

  • Albert (agoraphobe)
  • Alexander (townsperson)
  • Ananth
  • Brigi (drunk)
  • Cheyenne
  • Claudia
  • Daria (townsperson)
  • David
  • João (townsperson)
  • Julian
  • Juul
  • Keith
  • Lennaert
  • Mar
  • Nadine
  • Natalia (mafia)
  • Pedro (townsperson)
  • Raluca (townsperson)
  • Ricardo
  • Sharon (townsperson)

1st day message

Welcome everyone to мафия town. For those wondering what it is like to live here, have a quick peek at . We know that among us there are villains and there are heroes, but do we know who is who? We assemble in our main square to discuss it, in the hopes that together we will not perish!

1st day votes

  • (11) Daria: Daria, Nadine, Joao, Albert, Claudia, Lennaert, Ananth, Pedro, Julian, Cheyenne, Sharon
  • (4) João: Raluca, Ricardo, Sharon, Mar

2nd day message

Good morning good town of мафия. Apologies in advance for the unusually long night: this was due to a missing villager Brigi. Did she go missing because she trusts her mafia members to make decisions on her behalf? Is she bored of her role as a goodie do good townsperson? We don’t know. What we know is that we found ALBERT dead in the town square, his body choped up to pieces. It seems fitting of his role. Albert was the AGORAPHOBE. His fear of the mafia was justified. If only he had hidden this night in someone else’s place he would be here with us today. The town goes to the bakery for a warm coffee and cake to enjoy the first days of snow in the city and with it there is a gift. Curious, the town sees a label: “To Joao”. He does the honors of getting his rightful gift, a huge Dobos cake with a single phrase: “Life gives you a new opportunity”. Will the town have the possibility to play around and throw snow balls and build snowmans or will the mafia ruin another innocent life? While pondering this we find a second cake, directed to Ananth, stating “next party we will clean 😂”. Do we have two bakers in this town?!? With Albert dead and Brigi missing, we are as clueless as ever as to who the mafia is. Good luck!

2nd day votes

  • (6) Joao: Pedro, Claudia, Natalia, Nadine, Mar, Julian
  • (4) Pedro: Ananth, Lennaert, Cheyenne, Joao

3rd day message

A new day begins and the community is absolutely gutted, devastated. They lynched someone with conviction but it was a huge mistake. Not only that, Brigi was finally found after she left town, but she was found in tiny little pieces in our town square. She was the town DRUNK. Was her death the result of some inebriated misadventure with the mafia? We do not know. Town goes to the bakery to burn their sorrows with sugar. The baker is crying, feels guilty for this error, with a face full of tears she has a gift in her hands. The label says: “To Ananth”. Ananth opened the box and the town can see there is a cake with the shape of… Joao’s head! It was hard to recognize him and it’s full of blood, friends started to cry and there is a message: “Don’t forget me, we need justice”

3rd day votes

(8) Pedro: Mar, Keith, Lennaert, Ananth, Ricardo, Pedro, Cheyenne, Julian (2) Keith: Cheyenne, Claudia

4th day message

There is no time for condolences. This has been a silent and vacant city and it will be a mafia town soon if we do not do anything. Natalia has left us and Sharon has been killed.

People woke up today and they are heading to a protest in front of the detective’s office. All the community is coming out and villagers are very angry, they are asking for help. They look at each other trying to find answers.

There is a proposal for a new security law, which has to be approved by the mayority. All members have to write a public statement to explain which is their role and indicate 3 suspicious people with their reason by the end of the day to ensure mafia is removed and they live in a safe place. Will the town approve this law?

Suddenly people throughout the street were swivelling around to see an angry scarlet envelope that appears on Lennaert’s door, it is a Howler cake. The physical temperature of the Howler begins to rapidly increase upon delivery and it will explode if left unopened for too long. Is it true Lennaert is detective? Will the power of the Howler reveals a secret? He comes out and once opened the letter cake booms with the voice of the baker which is magnified beyond all belief. The message says: We’re gonna die. We need a proof that you are sincere, don’t lie, we dont trust anyone now. We don’t want to think you can be part of the mafia.

Mafia 1.0 (Finished Game)

The current phase is daytime. Since there are 15 players, we need 8 votes on the same person for that person to die.

Original Roles

  • 3 Mafia
  • 1 Godfather
  • 1 Detective
  • 1 Doctor
  • 1 Prostitute
  • 2 Bakers
  • 6 Townspeople

Dead People

  • Istvan Meszaros (Baker)
  • Cheyenne (Townsperson)
  • Nadine (Townsperson)
  • Ananth (Mafia)
  • Fons (Mafia)
  • Pedro (Townsperson)
  • Agnes (Mafia)
  • David (Prostitute)
  • Tushita (Baker)

1st day message

Welcome everyone to the town of dies-ville. This is where people come to die. The sun rises and we are shocked to find something unusual. In the center of our little plaza there is a dead body. We look at it, disgusted, and it is the body of Zoltan! He left us but his death was not in vain, because with his death comes the awareness that there are criminals among us. We must ensure they do not survive. As such, in this ironically sunny day, we must select someone to die. Will it be you?

1st day final vote count

  • (8) Istvan Meszaros: Istvan, Antunes, Pedro, Fons, Nadine, Ananth, Claudia, Agnes
  • (2) Antunes: Cheyenne, Tushita
  • (2) Ananth: Luiza, Anastasia
  • (1) Agnes: David
  • (1) Fons: Andi
  • (1) Pedro: Mar
  • (1) Andi: Pedro

2nd day message

Good morning everyone! A beautiful sunset rises upon this blood shed town only for us to walk into our plaza and see… no one died! What a beautiful day it is indeed. The town goes to the bakery to enjoy it’s death free night, and with it there is a gift. Curious, the town sees a label: “To Pedro”. Pedro does the honors of getting his rightful gift, a lovely middle finger up shaped cake with a single phrase: “Stay at home or die”. Will Pedro give into this threat and follow his quarantine despite the advice of one of the worlds greats, Mr Dolan Trump, or will he rebel and jeopardize everything by venturing into the outdoors? For now, the time has come to look into lynching a mobster. Will we repeat the mistake from our previous day just to find out that we lynched one of our own?

2nd day final vote count

  • (8) Cheyenne: Tushita, Fons, Joao, Andi, Ananth, Luiza, Agnes, Claudia
  • (5) Ananth: Nadine, Cheyenne, Mar, David, Pedro

3rd day message

Good morning everyone! A sad day arises, not only because of the CoViD hovering over everyone’s heads, but also because the doctor has failed us this night in his endeavors. The honorable Nadine Helmi was found hanging by her neck at her home. An house search found nothing. No detective network to get information, no magical doctor pills to bring the dead back to life, nothing. Nadine was a TOWNSPERSON. At least we have a cake to console ourselves with. We all move to the bakery and we have a cake addressed to Ananth. It is heart shaped. Love is in the air. Ananth goes for it, butterflies in his stomach as he wonders who the mystery cake sender is. He can’t wait to get to know her (damn, does he hope it is not an him). He goes for the cake and his dreams shatter. Magic takes over the cake the second Ananth touches it, changing it’s color to the darkest black anyone has ever seen. From within the black, 3 words pop up in blood red: “YOU ARE WRONG”. Ananth cries.

3rd day final vote count

  • (8) Ananth: Pedro, Claudia, Luiza, Joao, Andi, Tushita, Anastasia, Ananth

4th day message

Good morning everyone! A new day dawns upon our faces, with the hope of a Mafia killed but the near certainty of another victim falling pray to the mafia. Our doctor did a wonderful job the previous night, can he repeat his prowess? We wake up in hope only to see cut toe in our town plaza. A body part is a seal of something dark, but a toe? Pedro shows up with another toe. João finds a finger. Anastasia a ear. The town goes around finding chopped up body parts like it’s easter. We assemble the puzzle pieces and start building the full picture. After a fun day out playing puzzles and doing picnic, wefind the puzzle solves to be Mar. She was dead, and not only did we solve the puzzle of her body pieces, we also solved the puzzle of her role. She was a TOWNSPERSON. For the picnic, we all had a cake, as usual. This time, it was addressed to João, with the shape of a dead horse’s head. Fitting

4th day final vote count

  • (6) Fons: Pedro, João, Claudia, Andrea, Tushita, David
  • (3) João: Fons, Agnes, Luiza

5th day message

Good morning beautiful people of dies-ville. Another day arises in this death torn town, having had a short night after so many deaths. Wait. It isn’t death torn today. We arrive in town and nobody is dead. Could it be true? Have the mafia taken an holiday? Have they hidden their body too well for us to find it? Turns out they just hidden it, in an attempt to be discreet Pedro’s body was hidden under the Plaza’s marble floor, his body crushed between the dirt below and the marble above. Pedro was a TOWNSPERSON. As such, we relocate to the bakery. I could describe the cake, but today the baker’s words surpass my writing skills. As such, I will provide you with a direct quotation:

It’s a beautiful cake with a smiley face which smells heavenly and makes the receiver share it with everyone in town. It makes everyone think of their favorite memories and will always remake/refill itself making it an endless/never ending cake. After finishing their first slice, people realize their mouth is dripping blood. Turns out that the cake has turned to blood and it hass written “liar liar pants on fire, next time you won’t get an orgasm”.

Have a good day everyone!

5th day final vote count

  • (5) Agnes: Claudia, Andi, João , Tushita, Anastasia

6th day message

Good morning people. Easter is not a time for misery and death: it is a time to be reborn and where we can cherish our closed ones, praise their well being and hope that no evil exists. Fate decided that was to be the case in dies-ville as well. No one died. No one suffered. All is good. We went to a bakery to celebrate.We get our cake. It’s a cake with a magnifying glass, classic Sherlock Holmes hat, his smoking pipe. there are a bunch of jumbled letters written all over it. The moment João touches the cake, it rearranges and says “ Your wish is fulfilled, but you suck as a cake detective”. What is the baker trying to say?

6th day final vote count

-(4) David: Claudia, Anastasia, Andi, João -(1) Anastasia: Luiza

7th day message

Good morning sweet people of dies-Ville. After a long exhausting night where everyone was doubting each other, wondering: Are you the godfather, the godfather did not stop in his relentless search to KILL OFF EVERYONE, So who did the godfather kill? Poor Tushita. We found her fallen forward on the street, single shot to her chest and her jaw dislocated. We can’t be sure how it happened, but I believe it was something like this . She didn’t leave us without baking her last cake though, as Tushita was the BAKER. It’s a chocolate cake for Andi which says “let’s end this now”. What did Tushita mean by this?